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Soft SellYou need a writer. I’m a writer. Let’s work together.

Medium Sell: I will ensure that your content and collateral are always on-brand, and SEO optimized. I take an analytical approach to corporate writing, constantly refining for constant results. I know that using “log in” instead of “login” can result in a decline in clicks, and that while good writing is subtle, bad writing can ruin a company. I”ll help you design a systematic approach to your content creation and editorial management. We’ll devise a plan that fits within your vision and budget to establish a perfect partnership.

Poetic Sell: With six words Hemingway told a story of loss. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American novel rings in at a measly 47,000 words–well below the average today. It is a fact the masters of American Lit knew well: words are our greatest commodity. So let’s take a cue from Fitzgerald and Hemingway, Orwell, and Vonnegut and use words purposefully, sparingly, and with unflinching courage.

Old English Sell: Alloweth me holp thee findeth the w’rds to bid thy st’ry!

Hard Sell: I am your content-creation tactical team. From web copy roll outs, to collateral mock ups and blog posts, short-form copy and social media management, my focus is always on creating great content, on tight deadlines. I have a devotion to the written word, and I will ensure that while your content is molded to your vision, the quality will never falter. I’ve written medical descriptions, press releases, health and wellness blog posts, I helped launch a new aircraft, devise a marketing plan for a food startup, and worked for clients in five time zones simultaneously. So, here’s the official hard sell: I’m the best because I read the most, write the most, and work the hardest. I never miss a deadline, and I always put language first. Let’s work together.

In a Nutshell Sell: I write search engine optimized content so your company can get noticed.

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