Illustration and Design

A collection of past creations, illustrations, design work and animations.

A small sampling of my illustrated book covers. This project was made in conjunction with my Clumsy Tidbits emojis, and was launched as an alphabet series (one cover for each letter of the alphabet). Additional covers can be seen on my Instagram.

wuthering heights print_Print copy.png
W is for Wuthering Heights


On the Road_Print copy
O is for On the Road
To the Lighthouse cover copy
T is for To the Lighthouse


The Road Art Print_Print.png
R is for The Road
Pride and Prejudice Art Print_Print
P is for Pride and Prejudice
Universe Mini (Titled).png
U is for The Universe in a Nutshell

Clumsy Tidbits



Clumsy Tidbits is an animated sticker pack available for purchase on the App Store. This sticker pack features fifty stickers, all of which are whimsical representations of famous literary characters–from Beowulf, to Emma, to Don Quixote on his faithful steed. Stickers can be dragged and dropped onto text bubbles, or selected and sent in a larger format.

Poorly Drawn Portraits


Poorly Drawn Portraits is a collection of hand drawn author portraits and pithy puns. This collection of portraits was turned into a digital sticker pack available for purchase on the App Store. A portion of this set was also turned into enamel pins, all of which can be viewed on my Etsy store.

Sassy Sloths


My original sticker pack, Sassy Sloths, features an insouciant sloth lazing around. By far my most popular sticker series, Sassy Sloths has made it to the top of the App Store charts several times, and has even been featured as a banner on the homepage of the App Store. Download here.

Additional Sticker Packs

Below are snapshots from four additional sticker packs I created over the past two years. Sassy Cacti remains one of my top selling sticker sets, followed by Sassy Food, Sassy Jackalope, and Yeti Doing Things.


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